Which of the following equations is the translation 2 units left of the graph of y = |x|? y = |x + 2| y = |x - 2|y = |x| - 2

Accepted Solution

Answer:The correct option is 1.Step-by-step explanation:The given function is[tex]y=|x|[/tex]It is an absolute function. The transformation of function is defined as[tex]y=|x+a|+b[/tex]Where, a is horizontal shift and b is vertical shift.If a>0, then graph shifts a units left, if a<0, then graph shifts a units right.If b>0, then graph shifts b units up, if b<0, then graph shifts b units down.If is given that the graph translate 2 units left. Therefore the value of a is 2 and the value of b is 0.The required function is[tex]y=|x+2|+0[/tex][tex]y=|x+2|[/tex]Therefore the correct option is 1.