A box of pancake mix requires 1 cup of mix and2/3 cups of water to make 6 to 7 pancakes. Arjun ismaking pancakes for his family of 6, and he wants every-one to have at least 3 pancakes. How much pancake mixwill Arjun need? How much water will he need?

Accepted Solution

Answer:3 cups of pancake mix and 2 cups of waterStep-by-step explanation:For the family of 6 to have 3 pancakes each, Arjun must make at least 18 pancakes. If 1 cup of pancake mix makes at least 6 pancakes, Arjun would need three cupes of pancake mix to make at least 18 pancakes. Now if each cup of pancake mix requires 2/3 cups of water, the amount of water needed for 3 cups of pancake mix would be3 x 2/3 = 2 cups of waterHope this helps!