What Our Customers Say About Us 

Michael Tan
CEO, www.YourPartTime.com


 I am one happy WRO client.
YourPartTime.com started WRO service with WRO International back around 16th August 2012.Our world ranking at that point of time is 1,284,660 internationally and 14,283 in Malaysia. Today, 6 months after I signed up with WRO,our web ranking has improved tremendously to 4,849 in Malaysia and 533,257 internationally. YourPartTime.com is getting about 2,500 unique visitors each day to our job portal which specialize on matching part-time and freelance placement. The number of clients which have advertisement have also been increased by 25%.

We are incredibly pleased with the Web Ranking Optimization which has been achieved for us. We couldn’t have done it without them. If you are looking for an honest, credible, and results-driven web ranking optimization and WRO consulting company to ethically help you increase keyword ranking positions and truly deliver return on investment; I strongly recommend WRO International.I would strongly recommend WRO International to any business looking to grow and strengthen their online presence.

WORTH EVERY PENNY!!That is my 3 words. From now on I’m waiting to see huge traffic increases and bring in more business. We are excited about the long-term partnership we have established with WRO International."


Ernest Chin
MD, www.MotorsportChannel.com


Motorsport Media Sdn Bhd. is most proud to be associated with the WRO International company.
Thanks to the Web Ranking Optimization solution provided by WRO International, our site www.motorsportchannel.com has not only became one of the top sites in the country but the most consistently visited site in the world. We look forward to increasing our visits, pageviews, rankings and general exposure on the internet with WRO from here on in.

Since we started the program, www.motorsportchannel.com has upped daily visits from mere hundreds daily to few thousands on a daily basis, and Alexa ranking, too, has gone up exponentially.

In the country, we are on the verge of becoming the 2nd most popular Automotive/Motoraport portal, with Number One on the target list. Additionally, the Web Ranking Optimization solution has opened a window of opportunity for greater sales leads and business development ventures for our organization. Thanks WRO International & Keep Optimizing!"


Shelton Mapira
MD, www.YouFiverr.com


I started working with Web Ranking Optimization in April 2012 for my site www.religionstube.com which has a ranking on 9 million. in July the website had dropped its Alexa rank to the 500K range. I posted this website on Flippa and the site was sold within 4 days of listing and it for $2900. I had only owned this site for less than 6 months.

Our current partnership is on www.youfiverr.com i lauched this website in June 2012 and signed up with Web Ranking Optimization and the sites was under 1 million world rank within 2 months of launch. close to a later our site is PR3 and has an Alexa rank of 104K and should be under 100K within the next few days.

Partnering with Web Ranking Optimization helps a lot in that it brings a good reputation about your site. You can focus on other task to improve your site and Web Ranking Optimization will increase the ranking for you which help the site a lot.We have our alexa rank posted on our site and it helps with sales because our ranks gives people confidence that our site is genuine and can get them results.

I will continue to use Web Ranking Optimization because its the best service to bring a sites reputation up.